Computer Rooms

Servers generate a lot of heat – that’s no secret! So, in order to protect your computing equipment and maintain a reasonable temperature, you need a good computer room air conditioning system. Cooling a computer room is a bit different from cooling the average home. Luckily, unless you’re an HVAC contractor yourself, you don’t really need to understand the complex mechanics and engineering behind these systems. However, it is a good idea to understand the basics.

Here’s an overview of computer room air conditioning systems, what they involve, and how they are properly maintained by commercial air conditioning companies.

The Goals of Computer Room AC

We like to think of computer room air conditioning systems as serving three goals. The first goal, of course, is to get rid of the heat generated by the servers to maintain the room at a relatively cool and consistent temperature. 

The second goal is to remove humidity from the space. This protects computing equipment from moisture-related damage, over time. Of course, we also don’t want the air to be too dry, as that can cause issues with static electricity. Sometimes, a commercial AC unit alone is enough to regulate humidity. Other times, we have to include an accessory dehumidifier or humidifier in the system.

The third goal is to ensure no outages. If your AC fails, then your computer room will quickly grow too warm, which could damage costly equipment and even lead to a loss of data. 

The Importance of Customized Systems

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to computer room HVAC. We strongly suggest having an expert, like those at H & H, look over your space and design a customized system. This is the best way to ensure the equipment you choose can maintain your room within the recommended temperature and humidity ranges. You don’t want to guess which system will work, install it, and then find out your room won’t cool down enough.

Routine Maintenance: It’s Essential

While we suggest every commercial business owner signs up for a commercial HVAC maintenance contract, we insist on this even more strongly for our customers with server rooms. Proper maintenance is essential to reduce the risk of AC failure. And the best people to maintain your equipment are the ones who installed it.

During a maintenance appointment, your HVAC professionals will lubricate all moving parts, check for electrical issues, and repair minor problems before they become too serious. A good maintenance schedule will reduce your need for more costly commercial AC repair down the road.

If you have a computer room, make sure you have an efficient, well-maintained air conditioning system to keep it cool. Don’t hesitate to contact the HVAC experts at H & H Commercial Services to schedule an installation, repairs, or a maintenance appointment in the Delaware Valley. We’re happy to help.