Commercial heating & cooling is typically one of the largest expenses for any business. And according to the Department of Energy, many of these energy dollars are going to waste – more than 30%. Reducing wasted HVAC energy consumption is essential to controlling operating costs and safeguarding the environment, ensuring future sustainability.

8 Ways to Control Commercial HVAC Costs and Lower Your Carbon Footprint

  1. Regularly change HVAC filters.
    This simple, inexpensive maintenance task can reduce wasted energy by 5-10%. Why? Dirty filters restrict airflow, forcing your system to work harder to heat/cool your office. Air filters are best changed monthly, every 3-months at the least.
  2. Don’t neglect annual maintenance.
    Preventive maintenance can reduce commercial HVAC repair costs by 40% and operating costs by 15%, ensuring your office heating and air conditioning system is not wasting energy due to low coolant levels, thermostat malfunction, dirty or aging components.
  3. End office thermostat wars and control your budget with a programmable thermostat.
    Today’s latest smart thermostat options, such as the Nest, offer built-in locking, preventing warring employees from constantly adjusting thermostat settings and inflating your energy costs. They can also allow you to program temperature setting for when your office is not in use, saving your business hundreds annually and offering a rapid return-on-investment.
  4. Make sure ductwork is properly sealed and insulated.
    Contact your commercial HVAC services company to have your ductwork inspected for leaks and inadequate insulation. Simply sealing ductwork can improve system efficiency by 20%. Adding insulation to ducts in attic/basement spaces further enhances savings.
  5. Seal conditioned air in.
    Don’t heat and cool the office parking lot. Seal conditioned air in. Prevent air leakage, caulking around windows, adding weather stripping to doors, and using spray foam insulation surrounding plumbing, electric, and other fixtures, keeping heated and cooled air where you want it – inside the office.
  6. Control sunlight infiltration. 
    Offices typically have lots of windows and doors. When these are left open in the summer months, it can increase the strain on your HVAC system and make office workers uncomfortable. Blinds and awnings can help keep windows cool, as can solar window films, which reduce the effects of the sun without impacting the view.
  7. Upgrade decrepit systems.
    Replacing systems greater than 10-years old with newer, Energy Star-rated equipment can offer substantial savings. Your old system could be costing you hundreds more in energy dollars annually that could be better reinvested in a new system. This will not only lower your business’ carbon footprint but reduce your energy costs up to 20%.
  8. Schedule an energy audit.
    An energy audit performed by your local utility company can help you uncover additional opportunities for savings – and may also qualify you for rebates and incentives based on any energy efficiency improvements you make!

HVAC taking a bite out of the office budget? Schedule a complimentary consultation from a qualified HVAC contractor  and get HVAC costs back under control with the help of H&H Commercial Services today.