Your commercial heating and cooling system is one of your commercial property’s most important and expensive features. Researching upgrade options is essential to ensuring lasting satisfaction with your investment, helping you find a system that not only meets but exceeds your needs. What things do you need to consider before choosing a commercial HVAC system?

New HVAC System Options          

We offer many popular system styles, including high-quality products from industry-leading manufacturers.

  • Rooftop units (RTUs)
    Popular and affordable, rooftop units are flexible and customizable, allowing you to control temperature, ventilation, and airflow throughout your commercial space. Installation of RTUs is simple and cost-effective, allowing for modification later if your business expands, requires more sophisticated climate control, or aspires to incorporate modifications that improve performance and energy efficiency.
  • Heat pumps
    Heat pumps offer exceptional heating and cooling performance and powerful dehumidification capabilities. This highly efficient and trusted technology transfers heat from one location to another. Featuring a split system design that relies on refrigerant, heat is moved indoors to out in the summer, and the reverse in the winter, distributing conditioned air via ductwork.
  • Packaged units
    Packaged heat pumps systems are the perfect space-saving central heat and air solution. Unlike split systems, packaged units house both the air handler and outdoor unit in a single cabinet outside your business, preserving your precious square footage.
  • Ductless systems
    Ductless systems offer the ability to zone your business and exceptional efficiency levels you won’t see in other system styles – up to 30 SEER. They use small tubing to run refrigerant between an outdoor unit and interior components, making them ideal for buildings short on space. No ductwork means no heat loss and energy savings up to 40% compared to traditional ducted HVAC options.

Sizing Factors 

Properly sizing your unit to the dimensions and design of your building is crucial to controlling energy costs and ensuring comfort. Bigger is not better. Oversized units consume massive amounts of energy. Undersized systems struggle to maintain temperature. Precise sizing is essential.

Climate Considerations

Some system styles may not be compatible with your outdoor climate or building envelope in temperature extremes. Talk to your local HVAC pro about your needs and to make you’re your preferred system style will maintain a comfortable indoor climate despite the weather outside and inefficiencies of your building envelope, such as frequently opened warehouse doors and lackluster insulation.

Energy Efficiency Assistance 

Energy Star certified heating and cooling solutions offer the best energy performance. The modest increase in the expense of these systems is quickly recouped in monthly energy savings. There are many savings incentive programs available to mitigate cost, including those from local utility providers and the city/state/federal government.

Is it time to replace your ailing commercial heating and cooling system? Get the most out of your HVAC investment with the help of a knowledgeable HVAC mechanical service provider. Contact H & H Commercial Services for help solving your toughest commercial heating and cooling challenges today.