Cost-Effective Computer Room Air-Conditioning & Dehumidification Systems

Heat management of data centers is a common concern for all types of business. Thanks to technological advances, there are a variety of air conditioning systems available today that are designed specifically for data center and computer room applications. These include in-row cooling, computer room air conditioning units (CRACs) as well as high-density cooling and containments systems. Finding the right one, however, is key to optimum performance and satisfaction.

Most computer room heat load conditions vary—what works for one need not necessarily be appropriate for another. H&H Commercial Services, Inc. offers customized applications to suit your specific situation. Plus, we have the advanced capabilities to tailor a computer room climate control system to your exact needs.

Our HVAC experts offer complete air-conditioning solutions for equipment rooms, data centers or remote sites by providing protection from temperature as well as humidity fluctuations. Since we work with top air-conditioning and dehumidification brands (with a proven track record), we have access to a wide range of systems available in several configurations to meet your spatial requirements and address environmental issues.

Call H&H Commercial Services, Inc. today at 610-532-8745 for high-performance computer room air-conditioning and dehumidification systems.

Top Quality Service for the Lifespan of Your Computer Room Systems

We don’t just sell you the application and walk away. With H&H Commercials, you get top quality service for the entire lifecycle of your computer room air-conditioning and/or dehumidification system.

  • Expert installation by trained technicians ensures the system is properly setup.liebert challenger
  • Skilled maintenance promotes smooth operation and optimal performance.
  • Experienced repair takes care of small issues before they become major repair expenses.
  • Technical support and trouble-shooting assistance answers your queries and solves your problems.
  • A huge inventory of parts and accessories takes care of all your additional needs.
  • Efficient service provides quick turnaround on all requests.

At H&H Commercial Services, Inc., we strive to make customers for life.

Contact H&H Commercial Services, Inc. at 610-532-8745 for installation and maintenance of computer room air-conditioning and dehumidification systems in and around Philadelphia City.

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