Commercial HVAC systems are often large and complex. As such, you’ll want to rely on professionals to repair and maintain them. But you do still need to know when something is amiss so you can call your commercial HVAC mechanical service. Keep reading, and you’ll discover some of the most common HVAC issues in commercial facilities – and how to address them.

Dirty Filters

Your HVAC system has a large filter to catch dust and debris and prevent it from continuing to circulate through the air. When the filter becomes too dirty, your system may lose efficiency or even start short-cycling – turning on and off in short succession. Your HVAC contractor should change the filter each time they are you to maintain your system. In some systems, it’s fairly easy to change the filter, and your contractor may show you how to do it yourself.

Strange Noises

If your HVAC system suddenly starts making strange noises, something is amiss. A squealing sound often means that the belt in the fan motor is damaged or worn. A rattling noise may indicate that a bolt or fastener has come loose. A good HVAC contractor can listen to a system run, tell you what is wrong, and then make the required repairs. Luckily, most of these issues, including loose bolts and frayed belts, are relatively easy to fix.

Condensation Buildup

Most newer commercial HVAC systems are condensing units. They produce condensation, which is pumped down a condensate tube and into a drain. If something goes wrong with the drainage system, you may notice water pooling on the ground or rooftop around the HVAC equipment. The drain line may be clogged, or the pump may have broken. These issues are not emergencies, as your system should continue to heat and cool. However, you will want to have your HVAC team make repairs before the water damage gets too serious.

Loss of Responsiveness

What if your HVAC system simply won’t turn on? Some issues that cause a lack of responsiveness are rather minor, such as a short in the thermostat wiring. Others, like a broken ignitor, are a little harder for your HVAC team to fix. The professionals can make an evaluation and tell you whether it’s a better idea to replace or repair the equipment. It will depend on the extent of the damage, whether your system is under warranty, and how old your current equipment is.

When something goes wrong with your HVAC system, it helps to have a reliable team by your side. If your commercial HVAC system is not working properly, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at H&H Commercial Services, Inc. We’re proud to be the commercial HVAC mechanical contractors Philadelphia business owners can depend on.