Trying to choose among indoor pool dehumidification systems for your (new) natatorium? A decision of far-reaching implications, look to the leading systems on the market to safeguard your pool room investment.

Why Is Choosing a Top-Quality Indoor Pool Dehumidification System So Important?

Your dehumidification system will tote a heavy load of responsibilities:

  • Safeguarding the air quality in your natatorium.
  • Preventing mold growth and conversely, rapid pool water evaporation.
  • Protecting the structure and contents of your indoor pool room against corrosion, deterioration, and rot.
  • Protecting you from high energy costs, and ultimately safeguarding the lifespan of your dehumidifier via a properly matched system to suit your project needs.

What Top Commercial Pool Dehumidification System Might Be Right for My Natatorium?

To find your ideal system match, look to industry leaders in pool dehumidification with a winning reputation, and endorsed by your trusted HVAC mechanical contractor. Matching the right dehumidifier to your precise application is key to system performance and longevity, as well as your long-term satisfaction with your indoor pool investment. Who’s leading the market in today’s pool dehumidification technology?

  • Dectron Dehumidification Systems
    Dectron pool dehumidifiers are some of the best systems on the market today. A specialist in dehumidification technology and serving industries across the globe, Dectron’s natatorium solutions include…


    • Dectron Dry-O-Tron: Re-harness your pool’s energy by-products to maintain comfort with this mechanical humidity control system.
    • Dectron Eco-Tron: A custom-integrated system providing dehumidification, air conditioning and make-up air, utilizing energy recovery techniques to maintain comfort.
    • Dectron Circul-Aire: A single-source system, the Dectron Circul-Aire is capable of meeting ASHRAE standards in comfort, humidity, air purification and ventilation.
    • ThemoPlus Air: Unique design solutions for custom/specialty applications.
  • PoolPak Dehumidification Systems
    Another top performer in the indoor pool dehumidification market, PoolPak systems offer high performance, superior efficiency, and extended lifespan. PoolPak’s natatorium solutions include…


    • Small Application Systems: Perfect for less expansive applications, these smaller PoolPak systems are available in a variety of sizes/configurations.
    • High-Capacity, High-Efficiency Systems: PoolPak’s HCDV and HCDH Series deliver optimal heat recycling and reduced energy costs.
    • PoolPak Mechanical Refrigeration & Outside Air Systems:
      Recycle heat captured in the dehumidification process, capturing it from the outside system’s exhaust stream, and using it to warm the air or water in your natatorium.
    • Customizable Systems: Design your own custom system with PoolPak’s MPK, SWHP and VHR systems for a custom-tailored solution to your dehumidification, heating, exhaust and purge control needs.

Not Sure Which System is Right for Your Application?

We can help. One of the best commercial HVAC service companies in Philadelphia and authorized Dectron and PoolPak service providers, H&H Commercial Services has over 30 years of residential and commercial experience in the dehumidification, HVAC, and indoor air quality industry. Serving Philadelphia City and surrounding areas, let us help you uncover your ideal indoor pool dehumidification solution. To learn more about ensuring a system properly sized to delivery years of performance, contact H&H Commercial Services today.