Top-Of-The-Line Evaporative Coolers from Evapco and BAC

Evaporative coolers work well for air-conditioning in regions with relatively low humidity like Philadelphia. They offer a lower-cost cooling solution as they employ the cooling properties of water and steady breeze to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

When compared to traditional air-conditioning units they are known to:

  • Use up to 75% less energy
  • Lower room temperature by at least 4 degrees
  • Incur lower installation and maintenance costs
  • Are more environmentally friendly as they do not use any ozone damaging refrigerants
  • Promote better indoor air quality on account of an increased flow of fresh air

 H&H Commercial Services, Inc. is known for its top-of-the-line heating, air-conditioning, and dehumidification systems from EVAPCO and BAC. EVAPCO is recognized for the superior technology of their environmentally-friendly product innovations in sound reduction and water management. All BAC products are engineered to minimize lifecycle costs through a combination of low energy consumption and low maintenance. We tailor these advanced solutions to suit the exact the needs of your residential, commercial or industrial space for enhanced performance and energy savings.

Come talk to us about your cooling needs and we will find the right air-conditioning solution for you. Whichever evaporative cooler you decide to install, we take the time to ensure that it is the best fit for your space and budget.

Call H&H Commercial Services, Inc. today at 610-532-8745 for the latest evaporative coolers that are environment and budget-friendly.

Evaporative Cooling Solutions Designed to Meet Your Needs

Every building and property owner has specific heating and air-conditioning requirements. H&H Commercial Services, Inc. prides itself on providing personalized service with customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs. No matter how big your property is or how complex your business requirements may be, we have the expertise and resources to set you up with the right system.

Why come to us?

  • We stand behind our products and our service.
  • We employ factory trained technicians to install your evaporative coolers as well as to maintain or repair them.
  • We are always ready and willing to answer your questions and solve your air-conditioning problems.
  • Our pricing is competitive and we always have your budget and cooling requirements in mind.

H&H Commercial Services, Inc. aims to exceed customer expectations right from the first phone call to the last little bit of cleanup before we leave your property.

Contact us now at 610-532-8745 for skilled installation, repair, and/or maintenance of air-conditioning systems and evaporative coolers in and around Philadelphia City.

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