Good climate control is central to grow room success. In the summer months, this means having a good air conditioner. But what kind of air conditioner is best for your grow room? That depends on a number of factors including the size of your grow room, its layout, and the local climate. Below, take a look at the three most common types of air conditioners for grow room climate control.

Portable Air Conditioners

If your grow room is really small, such as if it is a single room in a larger building, then you may want to consider a portable air conditioner. These small units can be picked up and moved by one person. They don’t require installation or intensive setup. Most just have an exhaust tube that you point toward a window.If you decide to use a portable AC unit, choose one with a digital thermostat. This way, you can more closely control the temperature of your space, which is vital for plant health.

Mini Split Air Conditioners

In a larger grow room, you’ll need a more powerful AC unit to adequately cool your space. Mini-split systems tend to work well in this case. These systems consist of two components. The first is an air handling unit, which your HVAC mechanical contractor can mount on the wall. The second is the condenser, which your commercial HVAC contractor will set up outside.

Mini split air conditioners do require professional installation, but they are a lot easier to install than full-size, commercial AC systems. They are easy to maintain and suitable even for the hottest of climates.

Commercial AC Units

If you have a full-scale, large growing operation in a warehouse or similarly sized building, then even a mini split AC system may not be able to keep up. To cool such a large space, you’ll want a commercial air conditioning unit. These units can cool a large space down rapidly and keep the temperature under close control, which is exactly what you need in a large growing operation. Commercial AC units are usually installed on the roof. They need to be integrated with your existing ductwork, or your commercial heating and air company will need to run ducts to deliver the cooled air through the space. When properly installed, a good commercial AC unit can discharge all the heat produced by carbon dioxide generators, dehumidifiers, and other grow room equipment.

Having the right grow room HVAC system is so important for your plants’ overall health and productivity. If you’d like to have a mini split or commercial air conditioner installed in your grow room, contact the experts at H&H Commercial Services, Inc. We’ll look over your space, review your needs, and recommend the HVAC equipment that’s best for you and your plants.