With so many options when looking for a commercial HVAC service company in Philadelphia, it can be difficult to sort out the best from all the rest.  If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few suggestions for criteria you can use to make a great selection.

Four Essential Qualities in A Commercial HVAC Service Company in Philadelphia

1. Longevity 

A poor or mediocre commercial HVAC company doesn’t last long, not when there are other options on the market.  One of the surest signs of a great HVAC partner is when they have decades of experience under their belt – it means they know their work, and they’ve performed well time after time.

2. Licensed Credentials 

Beyond the basic licenses and credentials needed to do business in Philly, a truly top-quality HVAC contractor will have licenses and certifications for the brands they handle.  Every brand of product has different needs, and the real experts have demonstrated their expertise with those specific products.  One that hasn’t taken the time to become manufacturer-certified likely isn’t knowledgeable enough for your needs.

3. Around-the-Clock Service Options

When you hire a company to handle your HVAC or A/C needs, you shouldn’t have to wait on them to get into the office if trouble arises.  A commercial environmental solutions provider should be available 24/7 and ready to help whenever you’re in need.

4. Specialized Computer Room Service Knowledge

If you have a significant computer room or server farm on your property, you know that room requires much more complex environmental solutions than standard business air conditioning. Different types of equipment can have vastly different environmental needs, and specialized humidity-control systems may be required as well.

This is not something that just any HVAC company will have the expertise to handle.  You’ll want a contractor with extensive experience in handling server rooms, to ensure your technology investment is safe. 

H&H Is a Top Commercial HVAC Service Company in Philadelphia

H&H Commercial Services has a long history bringing the best in HVAC repair and installation options to the Philadelphia area, with over thirty-five years of satisfied clients in our history.  From large-scale air-conditioning systems, to rooftop equipment, to specialized data center cooling solutions, we have the range of expertise necessary to handle your toughest environmental challenges.

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