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Is Poor Humidity Control Taking Its Toll On Your Stainless Steel Pool Equipment

Stainless steel is a popular choice in indoor pool environments for a number of reasons. Providing a sleek look, easy care, and corrosion resistance, it lends natatorium structures and furnishings superior strength and durability. Capable of retaining its beauty and structural integrity well-beyond 25-years of service, commercial HVAC mechanical contractors in Philadelphia still see stainless

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What Will Happen To Commercial HVAC Upgrade Incentives For The 2019 Year

As the year draws to a close, commercial HVAC contractors in Philadelphia have been getting a lot of questions from customers who didn’t manage to squeeze-in an HVAC upgrade in 2018. What tax credits and other incentives will be available to your business in 2019? The seasoned pros at H&H break it down for you…

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Your Summer Commercial AC Maintenance Checklist

2018 is on pace to be the fourth hottest year on record. As temperatures continue to rise year-after-year due to climate change, staying on top of commercial air conditioner maintenance pays twofold: Ensuring a system that won’t leave you in need of emergency commercial air conditioning repair on summer’s hottest days; and safeguarding efficient performance

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Is your Warehouse always too Cold or too Warm? How to Ensure Better Climate Control

Climate control is crucial for any business, and commercial HVAC contractors in NJ know this can be doubly-challenging for warehouses, whose large structures can consume a lot of heating and air conditioning, especially in temperature extremes. Even with the help of HVAC equipment, warehouse buildings have difficulty maintaining constant temperatures, their structure, layout, lighting, and

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Does your Office suffer from Thermostat Wars?

Seemingly inevitable, workplace thermostat wars are common, and summer is prime time for the battle. Three of five employees tamper with thermostat settings without consulting colleagues, leaving many frustrated business owners to turn to their local commercial air conditioner service company for advice on ways to navigate this landmine-ridden battle. Why Can’t We All Just

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Is your Commercial HVAC System Operating at Peak Efficiency?

When it comes to maintenance, commercial HVAC contractors in Philadelphia see a lot of neglect. According to recent reports from the Building Efficiency Initiative, less than 50% of companies perform routine, preventative maintenance critical to efficient HVAC operation. And they’re paying for it. Is your commercial HVAC system operating at peak efficiency? Signs Your Commercial

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Getting the Right Humidity and Temperature Levels in Server Rooms

Are your computer room climate control needs being met? Even the smallest server rooms require precise temperature control to safeguard server function and lifespan. Bumping Down the Thermostat is Not Enough Because computer room heat loads vary, the temperature control needs of every data center are unique. Simply programming the thermostat for the 61-75° F

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Maintaining The Right Climate In Your Gym – What You Need To Know

When maintaining the temperature in a gym or other fitness establishment, a few degrees of adjustment to the thermostat of your commercial HVAC system can make a world of difference. Temperature control is essential not only to a safe workout, but an effective one as well. Is your thermostat in the zone? Warm Up or

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