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Category: Indoor Pool Dehumidification

Which Dehumidification System Style is Best for My Pool Room?

Like your home or business requires HVAC to maintain occupant health and comfort, your pool room requires the assistance of an indoor pool dehumidifier to support the comfort, health, and safety of pool occupants. However, unlike the typical building, pool rooms are uniquely challenging containing a large quantity of water that continually evaporates, effecting moisture in the

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New to Dehumidifiers? FAQs & Answers

New to the realm of dehumidifiers? Whether you’re trying to decide if a dehumidifier is necessary, determine the best type of dehumidifier for your pool room, or learn the basics of dehumidifier operation, H&H Commercial Services has you covered. Pool Room Dehumidification Systems Frequently Asked Questions Do I Need a Dehumidifier for My Indoor Pool

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Humidity Issues that Plague Indoor Pools in Hotels

Indoor swimming pools are a coveted hotel feature, enhancing your hotel property and attracting guests year-round. However, as HVAC contractors know, the indoor pool environment is quite persnickety, requiring a high level of maintenance and steadfast care. When not kept in optimal condition with proper ventilation and dehumidification, many issues can arise that detract from

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Desert Aire – The Best in Pool Dehumidification Solutions

Steamy swimming situation? For pool rooms experiencing humidity issues, a Desert Aire indoor pool dehumidifier offers an ideal solution, preserving the comfort and air quality of your pool room, as well as its structure, furnishings, and equipment. Why Desert Aire? A recognized leader in the dehumidification arena, Desert Aire has an in-depth understanding of humidity

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Which Type of Pool Room Dehumidifier is Best for My Natatorium?

A temperamental environment, indoor pool humidity control is an essential component of every natatorium. Without the addition of a dehumidification system, facilities would be nearly unbearable to use and short-lived due to moisture issues. Most indoor pool owners have little insight into the function of these systems, however, making it difficult for them to ensure

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8 Signs Your Indoor Pool Needs Better Humidity Control

Are you turning a blind eye to indoor pool humidity control issues? The indoor feel of natatoriums can make it easy for owners and operators to forget that adding the typically outdoor feature of a pool to an enclosed environment is far from normal, despite the fact that various signs and symptoms often point to

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How to Find the Best Service for your Dectron Systems

A global leader in the custom HVAC system arena, Dectron heating, ventilation, air conditioning, dehumidification, and indoor air quality systems are widely used across an array of commercial industries, from food processing, recreation, and hospitality to medical, petrochemical, telecommunications, and more. Finding knowledgeable commercial mechanical services and repair for these unique, highly-engineered, customizable systems can

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What are Humidification & Dehumidification & Why is the Right Balance Essential?

Adding an indoor pool to your home or business? Finding a balance between humidification and dehumidification needs can be a tricky task, with disastrous consequences resulting from errors. To protect your pool investment and ensure a safe poolside experience, proper indoor pool humidity control is key. Humidification & Dehumidification: Why You Need Both When building

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8 Problems Every Indoor Pool Owner has to Deal With

Natatorium owners often feel as if they’re at war with their precious pool room. It’s easy to forget this environment is far from normal: More like a steamy August day than a comfy, temperate living area. This misunderstanding can lead to a host of problems, from errors during the initial build to indoor pool maintenance

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Best Commercial Pool Dehumidification Systems – A Round Up

Trying to choose among indoor pool dehumidification systems for your (new) natatorium? A decision of far-reaching implications, look to the leading systems on the market to safeguard your pool room investment. Why Is Choosing a Top-Quality Indoor Pool Dehumidification System So Important? Your dehumidification system will tote a heavy load of responsibilities: Safeguarding the air

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