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Category: Indoor Pool Dehumidification

Equipments Needed to Maintain Proper Climate in Your Indoor Pool Room

An indoor pool room is meant to be a relaxing place. You want to be able to go for a swim, then step out of the water and dry off poolside, perhaps while chatting with friends. In order for you to enjoy your pool room in this way, its climate needs to be closely controlled.

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Moisture Ruining Flooring in Your Building? Here’s How to Prevent it.

Moisture and flooring don’t always mix well. Most flooring is made to withstand occasional moisture exposure. Washing the floor or walking across it with wet shoes should not be a major issue. However, continual exposure to moisture is another matter. If there is no break from the moisture, the floor won’t get a chance to

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A Complete Guide to Indoor Pool Room Humidity Control by H & H

A pool room is a delicate ecosystem. Housing a large body of water, this environment contains much higher humidity levels than those in typical residential and commercial structures. Without careful pool room climate control, this temperamental environment can quickly fall out of balance, becoming uncomfortable, and shortening the lifespan of your pool room structure and furnishings.

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Improve Comfort & Save Money with Pool Room Dehumidification For Hotels In Summer

Are you skimping on running the comfort system for your indoor pool? This decision might be costing you more than you think. Proper temperature levels and indoor pool humidity control are crucial to safeguarding your bottom line and keeping your indoor pool or spa in top condition. High Humidity Levels in the Pool Room Have Steep

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Top 3 Factors That Contribute To Indoor Pool Humidity Problems

Your pool room is a unique and delicate ecosystem. Without a watchful eye, this environment can quickly fall out of balance. Humidity issues are a common problem in this setting, making the indoor pool room experience uncomfortable and unpleasant at best, or resulting in health problems and structural damage at worst. The Dangers of Poor Pool Room

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A Guide to Pool Room Dehumidification For Your Indoor Pool & SPA

Indoor pools offer unsurpassed enjoyment, providing opportunities for pool use from season to season. However, for optimal comfort and to ensure the longevity of your pool room investment, keeping humidity levels in check with a reliable dehumidification system is essential. With the right commercial pool dehumidification system, you can not only improve pool room comfort and

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Considering a Heated Pool? Here is What You Should Know

Indoor heated pools offer year-round enjoyment, whether you have one at our hotel, gym, or residence. However, proper indoor pool humidity control and water temperature are crucial to an enjoyable experience. Ensure you make the most out of your indoor swimming pool with these tips for those new to natatoriums. 5 Things to Consider with a Heated

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Which Method of Pool Room Dehumidification is Best?

Indoor pool dehumidification systems are a critical part of pool room infrastructure. A temperamental environment, moisture issues would quickly take their toll on your pool room without the right kind of humidity control. The pool room environment would be sticky and uncomfortable, the excess moisture creating a cascade of issues that threaten the structural integrity and

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Which Dehumidification System Style is Best for My Pool Room?

Like your home or business requires HVAC to maintain occupant health and comfort, your pool room requires the assistance of an indoor pool dehumidifier to support the comfort, health, and safety of pool occupants. However, unlike the typical building, pool rooms are uniquely challenging containing a large quantity of water that continually evaporates, effecting moisture in the

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New to Dehumidifiers? FAQs & Answers

New to the realm of dehumidifiers? Whether you’re trying to decide if a dehumidifier is necessary, determine the best type of dehumidifier for your pool room, or learn the basics of dehumidifier operation, H&H Commercial Services has you covered. Pool Room Dehumidification Systems Frequently Asked Questions Do I Need a Dehumidifier for My Indoor Pool

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