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Category: Indoor Air Quality

IEQ: Is Your Building Safe?

IEQ, or indoor environmental air quality, is taking on increasing importance. In the past, issues related to IEQ flew under the radar – issues like Sick Building Syndrome. But today, IEQ is at the forefront of daily concerns due to a rise in climate-related issues such as fires, and most recently, the coronavirus. Some businesses

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Desert Aire’s Dehumidifiers for Grow Rooms Are an Excellent Choice

Are you looking for an integrated solution to meet the temperature, humidity, and airflow control needs of your grow room? Eliminate the need to purchase separate air conditioning and dehumidification equipment with Desert Aire’s GrowAire solutions. We can design the perfect system for your unique setup. Learn why these systems are the solution of choice

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Grow Room Intake and Exhaust Setup – Tips

Grow room climate control is a critical component of a well-functioning, productive facility. Well-designed setups enjoy clean, odor-free air and proper temperature and humidity levels that support the health of plants. How can you improve air circulation and ventilation in your grow room and ensure a healthy environment for plants and people? Choose the Right

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The ABCs of Optimizing Indoor Air Quality at Restaurants

The ABCs of Optimizing Indoor Air Quality at Restaurants Encouraging mask use, regularly cleaning surfaces, and social distancing are essential for reducing the spread of COVID 19. However, reducing the presence of potentially infectious airborne virus particles can increase confidence in dining at your restaurant. Broaden your approach to optimizing indoor air quality with these ABCs

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Maintain Indoor Air Quality in Your Commercial Establishment. Keep Your Team Healthy and Productive!

Spring is here, and summer will be here before you know it. Now’s the time to tackle spring cleaning tasks, including maintaining your commercial heating and air conditioning units to ensure optimal performance over the sizzling summer season. What improvements can you make to provide a comfortable, healthy, productive business environment? Swap Out Grungy Old HVAC Filters

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Simple Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Office

How healthy is the air in your office? Workers spend more than 40-hours a week in the office setting, exposed to the air within. Commercial HVAC contractors in Philadelphia understand how the indoor air quality in your building can affect employee health and performance. When indoor air quality is poor, it can impact your bottom line in many

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Spring Allergies: Is Your Employees’ Productivity Affected?

Are you and your employees eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring? After a long, wet winter, warmer and dryer spring weather is welcome. However, along with welcoming the weather, there is the potential for inviting in spring weather problems. As trees, flowers, and grass begin budding, pollen will quickly spread, bringing the misery of sneezing,

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How Much is Poor Indoor Air Quality Costing Your Business?

As cold and flu season reaches its end, it’s easy to believe the worst of employee ‘sick days’ are behind you. As the warmer weather makes its way in, however, spring allergies are on the horizon, affecting workers not only outdoors, but inside work facilities where air quality can be 2-5-times worse than the air outside.

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Common Sources Of Indoor Air Quality Problems Effecting Your Business

Concerned indoor air quality (IAQ) issues are effecting your business?  Commercial HVAC service companies hear a lot about air quality in the workplace these days, with employees frequently speculating as to whether the indoor environment in which they spend so much of their time is effecting their health. Basic Factors You Should Know Surrounding IAQ

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