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Category: HVAC

Why Rooftop is the Perfect Location for Your HVAC System?

Rooftop AC units are highly popular and preferable to single, ground-level systems by those in-the-know. With a modular rooftop HVAC system, it’s easy to cool your commercial space reliably, however, this is far from the only benefit of rooftop HVAC. Modular commercial air conditioning solutions are far different from residential units, offering distinct advantages despite their seemingly

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5 Mistakes you are making with your Commercial HVAC & How to Avoid

Your commercial heating and cooling system provide many business benefits, ensuring the comfort of employees and clients and helping you provide a safe, healthy work environment. However, commercial systems are unlike their more familiar residential counterparts, causing many system owners and operators to make mistakes that lead to the need for more frequent maintenance and repairs.

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5 Reasons why Commercial HVAC Systems are Placed on the Roof

Are you wondering why your commercial heating and air conditioning system – or your neighbor’s – is placed on the roof? This is not an uncommon location for heavy-duty commercial HVAC systems. Commercial systems are not the same as those used for residential homes. Locating them on your rooftop offers a variety of advantages, despite their seemingly

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Signs you need a Quality HVAC Contractor on your side

Do recent events have you questioning your recent choice of HVAC contractor? The local heating and air conditioning service professionals at H & H have cleaned up a lot of messes left behind by shady contractors. Is your current contractor out to take your money and run? Watch out for these signs you need a quality HVAC

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Rooftop Units, Boilers & VRF: Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial System

Time to upgrade or install a new commercial heating & cooling system? We’ve got the information you need to make the best choice for your business, helping you understand the comfort, efficiency, performance, and initial investment costs of top commercial system styles. Tried & True Tech: Commercial Boilers Boilers are the oldest heating technology, used for over

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7 Reasons to Consider Commercial HVAC Units

Ready to install a new HVAC system for your business or eking by with an older, residential unit? A new commercial system offers serious advantages. While residential and commercial heating and air systems have many underlying similarities, they are not the same. Why should you consider a commercial HVAC unit? Commercial Systems Are Space-Savers A commercial rooftop

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Beat the Heat without Busting Your Budget with these Commercial HVAC Summer Tips

Is your commercial heating and air conditioning system prepared to manage summer weather extremes? Beat the heat without busting your budget with these tips for commercial systems from the pros at H&H Commercial Services… Start Things Off Right Begin the season right with routine professional system maintenance. Being proactive can prevent the need for emergency commercial air conditioning

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How Much Does HVAC Effect Employee Performance?

It probably won’t come as a huge surprise that your commercial heating and cooling system plays a role in employee performance. What may shock you is how much it affects your staff. From physical comfort and its effect on employee satisfaction and turnover to productivity and avoidable stress, today we’ll dig a little deeper into the effects

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Are You Ignoring these Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Service?

Staying up to date on HVAC preventative maintenance needs is essential. Your business relies upon your commercial heating and air system to maintain patron comfort and employee productivity. Properly performing systems cost less to run and require less frequent replacement. To head off profit pilfering problems at the pass, keep an eye out for these signs your

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System Down? 5 Most Common Commercial HVAC Issues 

You rely on your commercial heating and air conditioning system to keep the work environment comfortable and safe for employees without putting your budget in the red. Staying on top of preventive maintenance tasks is key to ensuring the reliable, efficient operation of your system. However, even well-maintained systems require attention from time to time. What causes

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