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Consider this Before Choosing your Commercial HVAC System

Your commercial heating and cooling system is one of your commercial property’s most important and expensive features. Researching upgrade options is essential to ensuring lasting satisfaction with your investment, helping you find a system that not only meets but exceeds your needs. What things do you need to consider before choosing a commercial HVAC system? New HVAC

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Winter is Coming! Get the Best Winter Maintenance Tips Here

Winter creates a slew of maintenance challenges, making issues that arise difficult to contend with. For this reason, preparing your building for winter weather is crucial to safeguarding your business from unanticipated maintenance headaches and costly emergency service repairs. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to avoid common issues with a bit of preventative maintenance. 6 Simple Commercial Maintenance

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Tips to Winterize Your Commercial HVAC System

Preparing your commercial heating system for the cold weather season is an important task. With proper prep, you can save a significant amount of money on your monthly energy bills, ensuring a comfortable environment for employees and customers. Set your HVAC system up for success with these tips for winterizing your commercial building. Change HVAC Filters  Dirty

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Here are some Commercial HVAC Maintenance tips for this fall

Fall is on its way, and winter will be here before you know it. During the cold-weather season, you put your commercial HVAC system through a lot of abuse. Make sure your heating system is up to the task. A little bit of preventative maintenance now safeguards your business against productivity losses and the expense

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5 Things to consider When Designing HVAC for Hotels

Pleasurable customer experience is integral to return visits from guests, and your commercial heating and cooling system plays a significant role in managing guests’ comfort expectations. However, to help your business maintain its bottom line, HVAC performance must also be efficient and reliable. When selecting a system for your property, how can you be sure to choose

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A Complete Guide to Indoor Pool Room Humidity Control by H & H

A pool room is a delicate ecosystem. Housing a large body of water, this environment contains much higher humidity levels than those in typical residential and commercial structures. Without careful pool room climate control, this temperamental environment can quickly fall out of balance, becoming uncomfortable, and shortening the lifespan of your pool room structure and furnishings.

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Wondering How To Maintain Your HVAC System During Lockdown?

From office buildings closed to accommodate working from home to temporary bar and restaurant closures in COVID-19 hotspots, the on-again, off-again use of commercial heating and cooling equipment is becoming the norm. How does this practice impact your system? The commercial HVAC pros at H & H have the information you need to ensure your system survives

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Is The Summer Humidity Affecting Your Commercial Space? Consider This!

Are humidity issues impacting your bottom line? Moisture poses unique risks in commercial environments. Left unchecked, it could quickly result in damage to goods and equipment, unexpected downtown, health issues, and financial losses. Fortunately, whether you’re suffering early spoilage in your restaurant, moldy paper in your print shop, or corrosion and electrical problems in your

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Keep a Check On Humidity And Ventilation Of Your Commercial Spaces

Alternate Title: Mitigate COVID Risks by Controlling Temperature & Humidity Americans spend more than 90 percent of their time indoors, at home, work, and school. All this time inside in shared spaces is especially ominous, as of late, given the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, it is possible to ensure a healthy indoor environment and reduce COVID-19

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Guide To Checking Your HVAC Systems Before Your Commercial Spaces Reopen

It’s been a few months since your commercial heating and air conditioning unit has been put to the test. While under restrictions, your building – or large portions of it – have likely remained unoccupied. For this reason, your HVAC system has probably been used minimally, if at all. Before reopening for business, make sure your HVAC

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