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5 Mistakes you are making with your Commercial HVAC & How to Avoid

Your commercial heating and cooling system provide many business benefits, ensuring the comfort of employees and clients and helping you provide a safe, healthy work environment. However, commercial systems are unlike their more familiar residential counterparts, causing many system owners and operators to make mistakes that lead to the need for more frequent maintenance and repairs.

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4 Reasons to Install a Commercial DEHUMIDIFIER for your Business

Think adding a commercial dehumidifier won’t make much difference? When excess humidity affects employees, it creates more than an uncomfortable situation. All that moisture in the air costs your business. With the simple addition of a dehumidifier to your commercial heating and air conditioning system, you can ensure optimal efficiency. 4 Reasons Installing a Commercial Dehumidifier Makes

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5 Reasons why Commercial HVAC Systems are Placed on the Roof

Are you wondering why your commercial heating and air conditioning system – or your neighbor’s – is placed on the roof? This is not an uncommon location for heavy-duty commercial HVAC systems. Commercial systems are not the same as those used for residential homes. Locating them on your rooftop offers a variety of advantages, despite their seemingly

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Signs you need a Quality HVAC Contractor on your side

Do recent events have you questioning your recent choice of HVAC contractor? The local heating and air conditioning service professionals at H & H have cleaned up a lot of messes left behind by shady contractors. Is your current contractor out to take your money and run? Watch out for these signs you need a quality HVAC

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Choosing the Right Programmable Thermostat for Your Business

Many business owners are surprised to discover just how much a programmable thermostat can save them on commercial heating and cooling costs. There are added incentives as well, including regulating comfort, reducing the incidence of office thermostat wars, and simplifying thermostat management for those with multiple locations. How Much Can a Programmable Thermostat Save My Business? A

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Rooftop Units, Boilers & VRF: Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial System

Time to upgrade or install a new commercial heating & cooling system? We’ve got the information you need to make the best choice for your business, helping you understand the comfort, efficiency, performance, and initial investment costs of top commercial system styles. Tried & True Tech: Commercial Boilers Boilers are the oldest heating technology, used for over

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Which Method of Pool Room Dehumidification is Best?

Indoor pool dehumidification systems are a critical part of pool room infrastructure. A temperamental environment, moisture issues would quickly take their toll on your pool room without the right kind of humidity control. The pool room environment would be sticky and uncomfortable, the excess moisture creating a cascade of issues that threaten the structural integrity and

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R22 Refrigerant Goes Extinct 1/1/2020 – Are You Ready?

Since 2010, the country has been in the process of phasing out R22 refrigerant because of its effects on the earth’s ozone layer. As of January 1, 2020, the EPA ban on R22 will be in full force. R22 can no longer be manufactured or imported after this time, nor can R22 be used in

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7 Reasons to Consider Commercial HVAC Units

Ready to install a new HVAC system for your business or eking by with an older, residential unit? A new commercial system offers serious advantages. While residential and commercial heating and air systems have many underlying similarities, they are not the same. Why should you consider a commercial HVAC unit? Commercial Systems Are Space-Savers A commercial rooftop

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Cooling a Large Office Space? How to Control Energy Costs

Commercial heating & cooling is typically one of the largest expenses for any business. And according to the Department of Energy, many of these energy dollars are going to waste – more than 30%. Reducing wasted HVAC energy consumption is essential to controlling operating costs and safeguarding the environment, ensuring future sustainability. 8 Ways to Control

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