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7 Tips for Controlling Energy Costs in Your Commercial Building

Energy costs in a commercial building are no joke. Between keeping the lights on, heating and air conditioning the space, and running any equipment you may use, it’s easy for energy bills to creep higher and higher. If you’ve been having sticker shock when your energy bills arrive, it’s time to take action. From upgrading

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HVAC Maintenance: Keep your Business Running Despite Peak Temperatures

In the heat of summer, it’s important to keep your commercial HVAC system running well. After all, neither your employees or clients will want to spend much time in a hot, humid building. The secret to keeping your HVAC equipment running well is maintenance. A well-maintained system is less likely to fail, and it will

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Moisture Ruining Flooring in Your Building? Here’s How to Prevent it.

Moisture and flooring don’t always mix well. Most flooring is made to withstand occasional moisture exposure. Washing the floor or walking across it with wet shoes should not be a major issue. However, continual exposure to moisture is another matter. If there is no break from the moisture, the floor won’t get a chance to

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What’s the difference between a mechanical contractor and an HVAC contractor?

The terms “mechanical contractor” and “HVAC contractor” are used pretty often by building owners and maintenance professionals. Sometimes people assume these terms are interchangeable, but that’s not really the case. Keep reading to learn what mechanical contractors do, what HVAC contractors do, and who you need to call for various services and repairs. What Are Mechanical

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Energy Consumption In Commercial Buildings: 4 Ways To Save in Summer

Commercial buildings need to be comfortable for clients and for the workforce. In the summer, this means running the air conditioners, which can quickly ramp up your energy bills. Some buildings require as much as 50 kWh/square foot, and up to 35% of that is dedicated to air conditioning. Thankfully, there are steps you can take

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Grow Room Ventilation 101

Climate makes a big difference in the health and productivity of your cannabis plants. The good news is if you’re growing indoors, you get to create that climate! The key to a good grow room climate control is proper ventilation. Keep reading to learn why grow room ventilation is so important, and also to discover the key

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4 Reasons a Licensed HVAC Contractor Costs You Less in the Long Term

Hiring a licensed commercial HVAC service company can be a bit of an investment. As such, you may be tempted to try and do the work yourself or hire a less-qualified handyman service. But these approaches are rarely wise. Hiring licensed, commercial HVAC contractors does cost you more upfront, but it will actually save you

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Grow Room Ventilation Guide; The Do’s & The Don’ts

If you want your plants to grow strong and healthy, then you need to maintain ideal conditions in your grow room. Ventilation is a key component of grow room conditions, and it often goes overlooked. A good ventilation system will bring in plenty of CO2 for the plants to use. It will also help maintain

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Keeping Temperatures Down In Summer For Your Indoor Grow Room

The seasons are changing, and so are your grow room climate control needs. As summer approaches, put some thought into your grow room’s temperature. Hotter is not always better. In fact, cannabis plants tend to do best in temperatures under 80°F — unless they are in the flowering stage. So how do you keep your

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The Importance of Pre-Summer AC Service

Summer will be here before you know it! You’re probably excited for the warmer weather, longer days, and family vacations this season tends to bring. But as summer approaches, it’s important to also spend some time on maintenance — particularly AC maintenance. This is the best time of year to call your commercial HVAC contractors

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