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Have Rooftop HVAC Units? Make Sure Your Roof is Protected

Rooftop HVAC systems offer a lot of benefits for commercial building owners. Placing the HVAC equipment on the rooftop reduces noise pollution, helps you maintain a certain aesthetic, and improves energy performance. However, when you have a rooftop HVAC unit, you do need to be mindful of your roof itself. Consider the following tips to

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Optimize Your Indoor Growing Environments for Maximum Productivity

You don’t just want to grow cannabis. You want to grow high-quality cannabis. In order to achieve this goal, you of course need the best clones and the best nutrients, but you also need a good indoor environment. Dialing in your air quality, temperature, and humidity will allow you to grow a better crop, and

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Safeguard Your Commercial HVAC Against Ice Damage

Winter is coming, and with it will come plenty of snow and ice. While snow can be beautiful, it can also be a threat to your HVAC equipment if you don’t take adequate steps to protect your system. As a commercial HVAC service company, we’re here to explain why protecting your equipment from snow and

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Preparing for the Cold: Winterize Your Grow Room

Winter is coming, and with it will come plenty of snow, ice, and cold weather. Chances are, you’re taking steps to prepare your home and business for the change in seasons. Along the way, make sure you don’t forget your grow room. Taking some time to focus on grow room climate control and winterization will

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Grow Room Odor Control: Tips For Fighting Smells in Your Grow Room

Although many in the industry enjoy the smell of cannabis, it can become overwhelming inside of a grow room. Plus, you don’t want too much of that smell to escape and start bothering the neighbors. Grow room odor control is, therefore, a crucial concern for indoor growers. Here are some tips to help you and your

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Light Commercial HVAC: A Step ahead towards Future

HVAC systems are usually divided into two classifications: commercial and residential. Obviously in a home, you would use residential equipment. In a large commercial building, you’d use commercial equipment. But what about smaller business buildings that fall somewhere between homes and larger commercial spaces? Many doctors’ offices, restaurants, and boutique stores fit into this category.

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IEQ: Is Your Building Safe?

IEQ, or indoor environmental air quality, is taking on increasing importance. In the past, issues related to IEQ flew under the radar – issues like Sick Building Syndrome. But today, IEQ is at the forefront of daily concerns due to a rise in climate-related issues such as fires, and most recently, the coronavirus. Some businesses

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Desert Aire’s Dehumidifiers for Grow Rooms Are an Excellent Choice

Are you looking for an integrated solution to meet the temperature, humidity, and airflow control needs of your grow room? Eliminate the need to purchase separate air conditioning and dehumidification equipment with Desert Aire’s GrowAire solutions. We can design the perfect system for your unique setup. Learn why these systems are the solution of choice

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Lower Cost of Production with Proper HVAC Setup for Grow Rooms

Don’t let caring for your cannabis crops burn a hole in your profit margin. Lower the cost of production with proper HVAC setup for grow rooms from the experts at H & H Commercial Services. Our grow room HVAC design experts have the industry knowledge you need to control energy costs while caring for your plants. Don’t

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What are the differences between air conditioners and dehumidifiers?

About to call your commercial HVAC service company because of your uncomfortable, sticky work environment, but unsure whether you need an AC upgrade or a dehumidifier? We’ve got you covered, explaining the difference between both popular and helpful pieces of equipment so you can choose the best solution for your business. When to Choose an Air Conditioner

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