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Lower Cost of Production with Proper HVAC Setup for Grow Rooms

Don’t let caring for your cannabis crops burn a hole in your profit margin. Lower the cost of production with proper HVAC setup for grow rooms from the experts at H & H Commercial Services. Our grow room HVAC design experts have the industry knowledge you need to control energy costs while caring for your plants. Don’t

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What are the differences between air conditioners and dehumidifiers?

About to call your commercial HVAC service company because of your uncomfortable, sticky work environment, but unsure whether you need an AC upgrade or a dehumidifier? We’ve got you covered, explaining the difference between both popular and helpful pieces of equipment so you can choose the best solution for your business. When to Choose an Air Conditioner

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Green Technologies in HVAC: It’s Time to Make the Switch

According to US Department of Energy reports, cooling accounts for up to 73% of the energy used in commercial buildings. Switching to cleaner, greener HVAC technology is a wise investment. It not only protects your bottom line, increasing energy efficiency and cost savings, it also protects the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking your carbon

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Critical Requirements Grow Room HVAC Design

Precise climate in your grow room is central to your success, whether you’re growing mushrooms or medical marijuana. Quality cultivation requires a high standard of care, and traditional AC systems are not enough to meet those needs. Our experienced commercial HVAC mechanical contractors understand the industry and the need for an expertly designed HVAC system that meets

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Grow Room Intake and Exhaust Setup – Tips

Grow room climate control is a critical component of a well-functioning, productive facility. Well-designed setups enjoy clean, odor-free air and proper temperature and humidity levels that support the health of plants. How can you improve air circulation and ventilation in your grow room and ensure a healthy environment for plants and people? Choose the Right

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Maximize Comfort in Open Office Spaces with Careful HVAC Design

Does your office feature an open floor plan? Open office spaces face unique HVAC design challenges, particularly in the COVID era. Whether you intend to retain or rethink your office layout, planning your HVAC system design is crucial for ensuring comfort and indoor air quality in today’s office spaces. Knowledgeable commercial HVAC contractors know a bit of forethought

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Wondering Which HVAC System Best Suits Your Need? Here’s The Complete List!

Our experienced commercial HVAC contractors know businesses have much for diverse needs than residential properties. From small mom-and-pop businesses to large office spaces and massive warehouse and government facilities, H & H can help you find the ideal solution for maintaining comfort efficiently in your commercial space. We offer a variety of solutions to meet the diverse

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The ABCs of Optimizing Indoor Air Quality at Restaurants

The ABCs of Optimizing Indoor Air Quality at Restaurants Encouraging mask use, regularly cleaning surfaces, and social distancing are essential for reducing the spread of COVID 19. However, reducing the presence of potentially infectious airborne virus particles can increase confidence in dining at your restaurant. Broaden your approach to optimizing indoor air quality with these ABCs

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10 Best Energy Saving Technologies for Your Commercial Space

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning account for over half of your business’ monthly energy costs, offering tremendous opportunity for cost savings. Fortunately, many commercial HVAC system modifications can help you save energy and control operational costs, from the tried-and-true to the latest cutting-edge technology. Shrink your carbon footprint and improve occupant comfort with these commercial

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Soon It Will be Time to Shut Down Your Heating System. Here’s What you Need to Know

Are you looking for ways to reduce your commercial heating and cooling expenses? We love helping our customers save money. There are many ways to reduce your monthly energy expenditures, and one of them is by shutting down your commercial heating system over the summer. Turning Off Your Heating System is Not the Same as Shutting it

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