Is your commercial heating and air conditioning system prepared to manage summer weather extremes? Beat the heat without busting your budget with these tips for commercial systems from the pros at H&H Commercial Services…

Start Things Off Right

Begin the season right with routine professional system maintenance. Being proactive can prevent the need for emergency commercial air conditioning repair service, helping you address issues before your system goes down in summer temperature extremes. This is especially essential for systems 10-years old or more, which are more prone to issues. Professional system service covers tasks that you cannot, including:

  • Adjusting refrigerant levels detrimental to the performance and efficiency of your system.
  • Verifying proper thermostat function to ensure efficient operation.
  • Cleaning key components, such as your coils and compressor, which, when dirty, force your system to work harder, inflating energy costs.
  • Inspect the condition of key components such as fan blades, motors, belts, and wiring, addressing issues before they result in an inoperable system.
  • Clearing drainage issues that could result in mold and water damage if left unaddressed.

Keep Components Clean

Due to the demands of summer use, it is essential to keep these key commercial HVAC components clean with proper in-house maintenance:

  • Air filters.
    Air filters should be changed monthly to ensure peak performance and operation during summer use.
  • Exterior components.
    Remove any debris surrounding the exterior unit, including tall grass and weeds and leaf and trash buildup that can block proper airflow to your system.

Enhance Savings & Security with a Smart Programmable Thermostat

Tired of summer thermostat wars? Nix the issue and reduce energy bills with the addition of a smart programmable thermostat. Today’s top models require minimal programming and are conveniently operated by you or your management staff to ensure comfort and savings, allowing for the easy adjustment of temperatures when your building is occupied/unoccupied. A smart thermostat addition can save you $200 annually (or more) on your energy expenditures, quickly compensating for your investment when properly used. Talk to your local commercial HVAC service company about the best models for your HVAC system and business.

Don’t Ignore Leaks

These come in many forms:

  • Ductwork leaks.
    Ensure ductwork is properly connected, sealed, and insulated, particularly if located in unconditioned attic or crawlspaces. Leaky ductwork can cause you to lose up to 30% of conditioned air, substantially inflating your energy costs.
  • Building envelope leaks.
    Make sure windows and doors are properly sealed with weather stripping and caulk. Likewise, identify and seal leaks around plumbing and electrical fixtures with spray foam to keep cool air in.
  • Heat transfer.
    Close windows and drapes, outfitting them with thermal blinds and curtains, to prevent daytime heat infiltration. This is especially important on south and west-facing windows.

Sweating summer air conditioning bills? Keep your cool with the help of the commercial HVAC services of H&H today.