Staying up to date on HVAC preventative maintenance needs is essential. Your business relies upon your commercial heating and air system to maintain patron comfort and employee productivity. Properly performing systems cost less to run and require less frequent replacement. To head off profit pilfering problems at the pass, keep an eye out for these signs your system may put your business in the red.

Comfort Complaints

If your customers or employees are constantly complaining about the climate of your business, you’d be wise to take heed. It could be a simple thermostat malfunction or more pressing issue effecting performance and heating and cooling costs, such as insufficient refrigerant in the system, blower, or ductwork issues.

Difficulty Maintaining Temperature

As components age, your system will have to work harder to perform basic functions, cycling more frequently or running longer (but less efficiently) in efforts to maintain temperature.

Uneven Temperatures

When one room or area is frequently warmer or cooler than corresponding areas, or is typically stuffy, your system may be suffering unseen blockages or leaks within the ducts.

Thermostat Malfunction

Commercial HVAC repair contractors commonly see thermostat malfunction overlooked or mistaken for other system issues. A crucial part of your HVAC system, if the thermostat breaks down independently of other system components, it cannot give your system the instructions it needs to perform properly.

Weird Noises 

While some minor noises at startup and shutdown are normal, loud, grating noises can negatively impact your business’ reputation Clunks, shrieks, squeals, rattles, grinding noises, and even gurgling, hissing, and humming can be an indication of trouble on the horizon.

Foul Smells

Metallic, oily, pungent smells are often a sign of system malfunction, requiring rapid commercial HVAC repair and service. These could be rectified easily with a simple air filter change, or be a sign of other more significant issues such as a coolant leak, ductwork leaks/blockages, pest infiltration, electrical issues, or fried HVAC components.

Uncomfortable Humidity Levels

While some moisture results from normal system operation, the rapid onset of uncomfortably high humidity levels indicates a problem.

High Utility Bills

A system that struggles to heat or cool air draws more electricity than one performing properly. If your business’ utility bills suddenly spike, this can indicate a heating an air conditioning system in need of service. HVAC systems are often the largest consumer of energy in a business, so ignoring this could cost you a pretty penny over the long run. Ancient system? If your system is 10-years old or more it could be time for a replacement.

Don’t stick your head in the sand when it comes to pressing commercial HVAC service issues. Avoid the cost and inconvenience of emergency service. Schedule preventative system maintenance with the best commercial HVAC company in New Jersey. Contact H&H Commercial Services today.