Indoor pools offer unsurpassed enjoyment, providing opportunities for pool use from season to season. However, for optimal comfort and to ensure the longevity of your pool room investment, keeping humidity levels in check with a reliable dehumidification system is essential. With the right commercial pool dehumidification system, you can not only improve pool room comfort and condition but enjoy significant energy savings, even in the winter.

Thwart Structural Damage from Excessive Moisture with Pool Room Dehumidification

Excessive humidity in the pool room can cause corrosion, rot, mold, mildew, and structural damage over time, dramatically shortening the life of your natatorium. Heated pool rooms and spas have higher levels of humidity, worsening this issue and increasing the incidence of condensation and standing water.

A carefully designed commercial heating and dehumidification system can help you head off these issues as the pass. Properly designed, it can prevent the need for the replacement of corroded materials or large-scale repairs and renovation. It can also reduce the likelihood of health issues resulting from a warm, humid environment where fungi and bacteria thrive. Designing your system based on the size and design of your pool room, as well as area climate, will ensure a high-quality swimming environment where condensation, evaporation, and dampness can be minimized.

Improve the Climate in Your Pool Room

Let’s face it, no one can relax in a smelly, suffocating, or frigid environment. The right dehumidifying, heating, cooling, and ventilation combo ensures comfort in the natatorium on summer’s hottest and winter’s chilliest days. Proper system design BY A PRO ensures climate consistency regardless of the outside temperature.

Reduce Energy Costs with Careful System Selection

The pool dehumidification experts at H & H can help you find a system that will not only provide a safe, comfortable environment but reduce the likelihood of unseasonably high heating costs year-over-year, using heat recovery tactics that repurpose heated/cooled air rather than wastefully exhausting it or losing it to passive heat loss. With our superior system designs, we can help you reduce the likelihood of structural heat loss and high evaporation rates that can inflate the cost of indoor pool operation, maintaining steady, constant temperature and humidity levels.

Find the Pool Room Dehumidification Method that’s Best For You

H & H offers a variety of system options, including:

  • Ventilation-based pool room dehumidifiers, which offer a simpler, more affordable installation with limited temperature control within +/- 30% of the set point.
  • Mechanical pool room dehumidifiers, which work much like conventional heat pump style HVAC systems, offering superior comfort and climate control.

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Ensure lasting pool room enjoyment and lower maintenance and energy costs no matter the season. Contact H & H Commercial Services for help designing the perfect pool room dehumidification system for your pool room design, climate, and budget today.