pool room climate control, this temperamental environment can quickly fall out of balance, becoming uncomfortable, and shortening the lifespan of your pool room structure and furnishings.

Problems that Occur with Improper Humidity Levels in the Natatorium

When the air and water temperature difference is greater than 2 degrees, or relative humidity levels surpass 50-60%, condensation can buildup on pool room surfaces causing a number of issues:

  • Uncomfortable climate
    High humidity levels can ruin the pool room experience, creating an uncomfortable environment. Humid air laden with pool chemicals and mold/mildew can also pose a health risk aggravating respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma.
  • Corrosion
    Chlorine-based pool chemicals, in combination with nitrogen compounds in sweat and bodily fluids, create volatile chloramines. In pool rooms with lackluster ventilation and poor humidity control, through evaporation and condensation cycles, these chemical-laden droplets are deposited, corroding stainless steel surfaces in your natatorium and reducing their lifespan.
  • Structural damage
    As humidity levels rise from temperature or pool heating, increasing water vapor causes moisture droplets to accumulate on pool room surfaces. Over time, these damp components grow mold, mildew, and bacteria, rotting your furnishings and structure from the inside out.
  • Mold
    Visible mold on surfaces indicates the need for immediate attention.
  • Moisture infiltration
    High relative humidity in the pool room can infiltrate into nearby areas in the building, creating odors and promoting mold, mildew, and bacterial growth within.

Benefits of Proper Pool Room Dehumidification 

The protection offered by a properly designed dehumidification system ensures the structural longevity of your natatorium and guest comfort year-round. By removing humidity, rather than using ventilation as a means for climate control, you can keep your natatorium a comfortable temperature without putting excess strain on heating and air conditioning, reducing energy costs. In the winter, you can also lower pool heating costs, repurposing the heat created in the dehumidification process, ensuring an enjoyable pool room experience without breaking the bank.

Methods of Pool Room Dehumidification

The pool room dehumidification experts at H & H can help you find a system that ensures a comfortable natatorium climate while controlling energy use. Our superior system designs help you avoid high evaporation rates and issues with structural heat loss that can inflate operational costs, maintaining steady, constant temperatures and humidity levels. We offer a variety of dehumidification system styles, including

  • Ventilation-Based Dehumidification Systems
    These affordable systems remove moisture by diluting it with outside air. They cost less up-front, but are more energy intensive. Options include:
    • With Heat Recovery
      Adding a heat recovery system to repurpose heat from exhausted air can reduce operational costs for a minimal additional investment.
    • With Heat Recovery & Cooling Coil
      These systems offer more economical heating and cooling, providing year-round comfort.
  • Mechanical Pool Room Dehumidifiers
    Mechanical pool room dehumidifiers are highly effective, operating much like heat pump style HVAC systems. Options include:
    • With Mechanical Refrigeration & Hot Gas Reheat
      Best for small to medium sized pool rooms, these systems gather heat from excess moisture in natatorium air rather than external sources. Though a higher initial investment, they offer energy efficient comfort control.
    • With Hot Gas Reheat & Pool Water Condenser
      If you’re looking for superior energy efficiency, this is the system for you. They redirect heat from natatorium air, using it to heat natatorium air or pool water using a water condenser.
  • Hybrid Systems
    Hybrid combinations of the above technology can be combined to create a system custom-tailored to your natatorium needs.

Pool Room Dehumidification Technology Brands

H & H offers a variety of pool room climate control solutions from industry-leading manufacturers DesertAire, Dectron and PoolPak:

  • Dectron Pool Room Dehumidification Systems
    Dectron is a leading provider of dehumidification technology, serving industries across the globe. Their natatorium solutions include:
    • Dectron Dry-O-Tron
      Dectron Dry-O-Tron systems maintain pool room comfort and humidity, recycling and reusing your pool’s energy byproducts.
    • Dectron Eco-Tron
      Control humidity, exhaust and make-up air, and condition your natatorium space, using the efficient, energy recovery techniques of a custom-integrated Dectron Eco-Tron system.
    • Dectron Circul-Aire
      This single-source system is designed to meet strict ASHRAE comfort, humidity, ventilation, and air purification standards.
    • ThermoPlus Air
      ThermoPlus Air systems are uniquely designed for custom and specialty applications.
  • PoolPak Dehumidification Systems
    Pool pack is another industry leader in the dehumidification market, providing high-performance, long lasting, energy efficient natatorium solutions, including:
    • PoolPak Small Application Systems
      Perfect for less expansive situations and available in a variety of sizes/configurations.
    • PoolPak HCDV and HCDH Series Systems
      PoolPak HCDV and HCDH series high-capacity, high-efficiency systems offer optimal heat recycling and reduced energy costs.
    • PoolPak Outside Air & Mechanical Refrigeration Systems
      These systems recycle heat created in the dehumidification process, capturing it from the exhaust stream and using it to heat the air or water in your natatorium.
    • Customizable Systems
      Choose from PoolPak’s MPK, SWHP, and VHR systems, creating a system custom designed to manage your dehumidification, heating, exhaust,t and purge control needs.
  • Desert Aire Pool Room Dehumidification Systems
    Desert Aire dehumidification systems are designed to protect the health of pool room occupants as well as the structural integrity of your pool room and surrounding structures. They are designed to work in harmony water, air quality, and temperature control systems in your natatorium, including options designed to work with your unique environment:
    • Desert Aire ExpertAire Commercial Dehumidification Systems
      These systems deliver the highest moisture removal efficiency (MRE) ratings on the market and have the capacity to regulate the introduction of outdoor air to save energy.
    • Desert Aire SelectAire (SA) Series Dehumidification Systems
      SelectAire series systems are capable of meeting your most complex moisture mitigation challenges. They feature a unique, modular design, offering custom-tailored, flexible pool dehumidification solutions.
    • Desert Aire SelectAire Plus (SP) Series Dehumidification Systems
      These systems are designed for large, 50-meter+ pool applications. They offer unparalleled humidity control, featuring state-of-the-art system energy recovery technology, including a heat pipe, cutting edge fan design, superior cabinetry, and next-generation control features. Like ExpertAire commercial systems, SelectAire Plus systems offer the highest moisture removal efficiency (MRE) ratings on the market.

Ensuring Effective Design

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for pool room dehumidification. Well-designed pool room systems direct conditioned air away from the pool surface to exterior windows, preventing condensation. They keep temperatures comfortable and above dewpoint at around 82 degrees in the water and 84 degrees in the natatorium.  Properly designed systems circulate conditioned air down to the breathing zone, ensuring superior air quality and a comfortable environment. Each system is unique, affected by the size and shape of the pool and pool room, the type and frequency of use, agitation rate, and outdoor temperatures in your region throughout the year.

Ensure effective pool room dehumidification, an enjoyable swimming experience, and lasting natatorium design with the help of H & H Heating & Air Conditioning. Our pool room dehumidification experts have years of experience in system design, helping home and business owners keep their indoor pools in optimal condition all year long. Contact us for help finding the right system for your pool room and budget today.