When beautiful spring weather rolls around, it’s easy to forget about your HVAC maintenance needs. However, when summer heat sets in and your system is working over time, overlooked maintenance can quickly rear its ugly head, turning into a failing system and costly repairs. To avoid the need for emergency service and ensure your system will keep you and your staff cool and comfortable through the summer season, performing a few spring maintenance tasks with the help of your HVAC mechanical contractor is essential.

Spring Maintenance to Prepare Your System for the Summer Season

Don’t overlook these essential summer AC maintenance tasks:

  • Cleaning
    Commercial HVAC contractors in NJ know improper cleaning is the cause of more than half of all summer air conditioner failures. To avoid this, don’t neglect these key spring cleaning tasks:
    • AC filter change
      Filthy filters force your system to work harder, negatively impacting efficiency and indoor air quality.
    • Coil & fan cleaning
      Condenser coils outdoors can become clogged with dirt, mold, and plant debris or suffer damage from winter storms and ice. Likewise for blower fans. Evaporator coils can also become clogged with dust and dirt from unchanged AC filters, making it difficult for your system to maintain temperature.
    • Drain line maintenance 
      Drain lines should be regularly cleaned per manufacturer’s instructions to prevent mold/mildew, mineral, and dirt-related clogs that can lead to interior water damage.
  • Electrical inspection
    Regularly inspecting your system’s wiring in the spring, looking for loose connections, burnt wires, and shorts, can uncover damage from rodents who may have sheltered within your system over the winter.
  • Refrigerant check
    Commercial heating and air conditioning systems with low refrigerant levels will struggle to maintain temperature. If levels in your system are low, it is essential to check for leaks to avoid wasting costly refrigerant and the need for repeated service.

A Well Maintained Systems Saves Energy Dollars

Well performing commercial HVAC systems reduce energy consumption, helping your business balance monthly utility costs, even in temperature extremes. If you and your staff struggle to keep up with AC maintenance demands, it’s best to consider an HVAC maintenance agreement.

Ensure a well-performing, reliable system and predictable energy costs with the help of a commercial HVAC service company you can rely on. Schedule annual spring maintenance or learn more about an annual maintenance agreement from H & H Commercial Services today.