Ready to install a new HVAC system for your business or eking by with an older, residential unit? A new commercial system offers serious advantages. While residential and commercial heating and air systems have many underlying similarities, they are not the same. Why should you consider a commercial HVAC unit?

Commercial Systems Are Space-Savers

A commercial rooftop system is an ideal solution for businesses. Commercial systems are typically packaged, not split as in residential HVAC. They combine heating and cooling into a single rooftop unit, typically locating it rooftop and out of the way of real estate, office, and industrial space. This saves space and reduces noise pollution in the building.

Commercial HVAC Systems Are More Powerful

Because commercial areas are typically larger than residential spaces, commercials systems are larger and more powerful. This allows them to heat and cool your space more efficiently and effectively when properly sized by a skilled HVAC mechanical contractor.

Commercial Systems Support Zoned Heating & Cooling

Commercial systems are typically designed to support multiple thermostats, managing temperatures in your building by zone. This approach can help you save annually on energy expenses, lowering your carbon footprint.

Commercial Systems Are Easier to Install and Service

The out-of-the-way location of rooftop systems make them easier for your commercial HVAC company to install, maintain, and service without disrupting day-to-day activities.

You Can More Easily Increase/Decrease Capacity with Commercial Systems

Because commercial systems are modular, not standalone as residential units, they offer more flexibility. Modifications and expansions are far easier with commercial systems. Simply add modules, take them away, or integrate new features to increase/decrease cooling capacity and accommodate the changing needs of your business.

Commercial HVAC Systems Offer Superior Ventilation

Unlike residential systems, which typically rely on windows, commercial systems offer a wide range of ventilation options. Mechanical ventilation additions such as local systems that remove contaminants directly at the source, and general ventilation systems that reduce contaminants throughout the building, help you provide a safe environment and good indoor air quality for your staff.

Commercial HVAC Systems Provide Superior Humidity Control

In the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, the climate can range from humid in the summer, to dry in the winter. Commercial humidity control is a must to protect your staff, inventory, and equipment. When the air is too dry, asthma, allergies, and colds can flare up as pollen and bacteria are more easily distributed. Wooden structural components and furnishings can crack and split, and static electricity become a constant annoyance. Too humid, and mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, and pests thrive. With a commercial system, it is easy to keep your indoor environment in the optimal 30-50% relative humidity range, customizing it with the right humidification and dehumidification equipment to protect your employees and assets.

Design a system that is customized to the unique needs of your business. Learn more about powerful, space-saving commercial systems from the commercial heating and cooling contractors at H&H today.