As a commercial building owner, your energy bills are likely a close second to property costs, comprising a huge chunk of your operating expenses. Among the most energy-intensive mechanisms of your business, HVAC accounts for a whopping 50-60% of these costs, with an unfortunate 30%+ going up in smoke as waste, based on EPA estimates. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these costs, both through DIY measures, and with the help of a professional HVAC mechanical contractor.

Reduce Operating Costs & Boost Sustainability with these Commercial HVAC Tips:

  1. Regularly Change HVAC Filters.
    Dirty filters restrict airflow, forcing your system to work harder, and ruining indoor air quality. Commercial air filters should be cleaned/replaced at least quarterly, preferably monthly. This simple maintenance task can reduce wasted energy by 5-10%.
  2. Have Coils Regularly Cleaned.
    Coil cleaning is another simple task that can greatly improve your building’s energy efficiency. Dirty coils decrease airflow, reduce heat transfer, impede the dehumidification process, and force your system to run longer to condition air. The EPA, DOE, and major utility providers all agree this can significantly decrease utility costs up to 30%. Have your condenser and evaporator coils professionally cleaned at least once per year.
  3. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat.
    Working with a trusted commercial HVAC repair and service in Philadelphia can help you identify a winning programmable thermostat solution for your business. For not much more than you’d spend on a newer, run-of-the-mill thermostat, a programmable model can help you reduce costs by adjusting building temperatures higher/lower temperatures when spaces are not in use (evenings, weekends), potentially saving you hundreds (or more) in energy dollars annually. Many of today’s latest models offer ‘smart’ operation, learning occupant behavior and providing the ability to adjust settings/scheduling remotely via smartphone app.
  4. Properly Seal Ductwork.
    Are you inadvertently heating or cooling unoccupied building spaces via leaks in poorly connected/sealed ductwork? Commercial HVAC contractors can track down and seal these leaks – and slow thermal transfer with insulation – improving HVAC efficiency by 20% or more.
  5. Upgrade Archaic Systems.
    Aging HVAC systems and equipment can easily lead to exorbitant energy costs. Replacing systems just 10-years old with comparable Energy Star certified products can reduce energy costs up to 20%. (Not to mention the money you’ll save on frequent/emergency repairs.) Use a rooftop system? Retrofitting with advanced digital economizer controls/sensors to provide demand-controlled ventilation can likewise offer substantial savings.
  6. Ensure Timely Maintenance & Repair.
    Aging, faulty, and neglected equipment can thwart performance. Like regular scheduled maintenance on a car, timely commercial heating repair and maintenance safeguards performance, reducing maintenance costs up to 40%.
  7. Don’t Do It Alone.
    Do you have a commercial service agreement to ensure the regular maintenance and timely attention your commercial HVAC system needs? A licensed, professional HVAC commercial repair company can help you optimize sustainability, getting the most out of your current system, performing routine system maintenance and checkups on-schedule, and detecting potentially costly problems before they occur.

Don’t let HVAC costs take a bite out of your bottom line. Learn more about ways you can save on annual energy consumption with the help of H&H Commercial Services today.