Pleasurable customer experience is integral to return visits from guests, and your commercial heating and cooling system plays a significant role in managing guests’ comfort expectations. However, to help your business maintain its bottom line, HVAC performance must also be efficient and reliable. When selecting a system for your property, how can you be sure to choose a system that is responsive to the needs of your guests and your business?

Don’t Overlook These Features When Choosing an HVAC System for Your Hotel

  • Systems that Utilize Heat Recovery to Provide Hot Water
    Like heating and air conditioning, heating water can be another significant cost for hotels. However, systems with heat recovery options can help you mitigate these costs, repurposing heat used in the operation of your HVAC system to produce hot water year-round.
  • Quiet Operation
    Selecting a commercial heating and cooling unit with quiet operation is crucial to positive guest experience. The less noise produced, the better for guests. Quiet systems also reduce the likelihood of “problem rooms,” in which guest request to be moved to a new location due to noise produced by your HVAC system. To further aid in these efforts, some systems even allow for the reduction of default noise thresholds by setting a time band, in which you can minimize noise values at certain times of the day/night.
  • Modular Rooftop Units
    Because the demand your hotel puts on your HVAC system will vary from season to season, and this variation can dramatically effect efficiency, it is important to take this account when choosing a system style. Modular rooftop units are an ideal solution for meeting the changing needs of the hotel environment, helping you manage varying loads and improve the energy efficiency of your building. Extremely flexible, you can add to or take away from these systems as your needs change throughout the life of your business. Learn more about these popular systems.
  • Water Flow Variation Control for Improved Performance
    For optimal efficiency, varying the water flow in your system based on actual load demand is an essential aspect of highly efficient system design. Variable water flow systems reduce energy consumption, modulating the quantity of water flowing through the system, and ensuring the most efficient performance possible.
  • System Monitoring
    Monitoring the operational performance of your commercial heating and cooling system offers additional opportunities for savings. Adding monitoring technology that records your systems’ performance in terms of energy consumption and collecting useful data could enable you to make changes based on the observation of data specific to your hotel. This offers opportunities for energy savings, simplifies maintenance, and can allow you to identify operational issues before they result in a downed system. In some cases, they could even qualify you for tax incentives.

Ensure your hotel’s HVAC system design will offer maximum performance and reliability for years to come. Contact H & H Commercial Services to learn more about available options for your business today.