Commercial heating and air conditioning services can safeguard your company when a problem occurs within your property. Service technicians can also answer your questions and guide you in achieving the highest levels of efficiency from your HVAC infrastructure. To help ensure you’re working with trusted professionals, our team at H&H Commercial Services highlights five important questions to ask when booking commercial heating and air conditioning services.

1. What is the Experience of Your Team?

When booking services, it’s important to work with a company that has an experienced team ready to respond to your repair challenges. Their team should be experienced in working with a range of systems and should be able to answer questions based on this experience. Each member of our staff has a decades-long background within the HVAC industry and utilizes the latest repair technology in completing complex repairs.

2. Do You have a Large Fleet?

The firm you work with in ensuring commercial heating and air conditioning performance should be able to respond to your requirements with a large fleet of repair vehicles. This will ensure that their team can be on the road in minutes in response to your system’s needs.

3. Can You Provide a Quote?

Before selecting a company for the repair work, you should ensure they are able to offer you a complete quote. This quote should include the total price plus any additional costs that might arise while the repair is being completed. You can then compare this quote with those provided by others in the field to ensure you’re receiving full value for money. Our team at H&H Commercial Services works to ensure that each quote we provide represents complete value for you. We provide you with a full set of details on the repair work and the total price before we begin. This ensures you can make a proactive and effective decision based on all available information.

4. Do You Offer Factory-Authorized Repair?

The company you choose for the repair work should be able to offer factory-authorized repair services as directed by the manufacturer of the system. Their team should utilize the latest information direct from the manufacturer to reduce your repair costs and to streamline the entire process. Our team offers factory-authorized repair services for several of the leading air conditioning and heating equipment brands, including SEMCO and AAON.

5. How Can You Help Us Save Money in the Long-Term?

In managing your operational costs, it’s important to consider your spending on heating and cooling. Your service specialist should be able to harness their experience to reduce your costs and ensure you’re utilizing your equipment efficiently.

By turning to our team at H&H Commercial Services, you’ll save money and gain access to high-performance commercial heating and air condition systems. To learn more, call us now at 610-532-8745.