Your commercial heating and cooling system provide many business benefits, ensuring the comfort of employees and clients and helping you provide a safe, healthy work environment. However, commercial systems are unlike their more familiar residential counterparts, causing many system owners and operators to make mistakes that lead to the need for more frequent maintenance and repairs.

Are You Making These 5 Common Commercial HVAC Mistakes?

  1. Insufficient space surrounding the system.
    Knowledgeable commercial HVAC mechanical contractors know your HVAC system needs space to function properly – at least 2 feet surrounding the system, regardless of its location. Without this necessary space, your system will be forced to work much harder than it should, shortening its lifespan.
  2. Constant thermostat adjustments.
    Constantly fiddling with the thermostat setting is a common problem in American workspaces. This creates issues on multiple fronts. First of all, it leaves most of the inhabitants of your building uncomfortable as they struggle to manage a continually changing indoor climate. Second, it is a tremendous energy waster. And lastly, it forces your system to work harder and more frequently than it should. If your business suffers from “thermostat wars,” talk to your commercial HVAC company about the benefits of adding a smart thermostat with a lock to prevent these issues.
  3. Incorrect system sizing.
    If the HVAC equipment servicing your place of business is not the right size for the space, you’ll experience comfort issues. Systems that are too small cannot keep up with the temperature control needs of large spaces. Oversized systems also suffer significant problems, such as frequent cycling off/on, and poor humidity control that can lead to larger moisture issues in your business.
  4. Improper ducting.
    Like your system, your ductwork must be correctly sized to distribute air effectively. You cannot simply attach a new unit to old ductwork and achieve proper airflow/ventilation, nor can you replace ducts and expect your older system to accommodate the change. All system components must be expertly sized to work together successfully.
  5. Neglected maintenance.
    These common commercial maintenance issues can cost you a great deal of money, robbing you of the opportunity to reinvest funds back into your business:
    • Dirty air filters
      Dirty air filters expose your customers and staff to allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants. Worse, this buildup forces your system to work harder, destroying performance and efficiency.
    • Improper cleaning routine
      Failing to clean and maintain drainage components can lead to mold and bacteria proliferation. If water (or sludge) accumulates and freezes, fluids can also back up, creating severe structural damage.
    • Repairing an ancient system
      Paying for frequent repairs to an ancient system is an unwise investment. If your system is more than 15-20 years old, the money you’re spending on repairs and energy to run an inefficient system could be more effectively invested in a new Energy Star model.

It’s not too late to correct your mistakes. Solve these common commercial HVAC issues before they become a costly problem with the help of the commercial air conditioning contractors at H & H Commercial Services today.