Rooftop HVAC systems work well for large commercial facilities. Putting your HVAC equipment on the roof gets it out of the way of your daily operations. It’s also easy for commercial mechanical contractors to access and work on rooftop systems without disturbing your employees or clients. However, if you have a rooftop system, you can’t let out of sight mean out of mind. You should always be aware of how your system is operating and call your HVAC contractor promptly if you notice anything unusual. Here’s a look at some common rooftop HVAC problems and how you, or your contractor, can solve them.

The Blower Doesn’t Turn Off

Your system’s blower should turn on when the space is being heated or cooled, and then off when the AC or heat turns off. If the blower is running constantly but your thermostat setting does not call for it to do so, there could be any number of things wrong. The wiring between your thermostat and the HVAC system could be damaged. You might also have a fan control board or limit switch. Luckily, these problems are fairly easy for a commercial heating and cooling company to fix.

Dirty Coils

Commercial rooftop heating and cooling units are exposed to a lot of dirt and debris. If the coils get too dirty, your system may no longer work efficiently. Your energy bills may keep rising. To prevent or fix this issue, have your coils cleaned yearly as a part of your routine maintenance plan.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can cause your HVAC system to short-cycle, or turn on and off in short succession. This is because, when your coils are low on refrigerant, the remaining refrigerant hyper-expands and triggers the system to shut off before your desired indoor temperature is reached. If you notice short cycling, definitely call an HVAC contractor and have them check your rooftop unit for leaks.

Faulty Electrical Connections

There are multiple electrical connections associated with each rooftop HVAC system. If any of them become faulty, you may notice a variety of unusual behaviors. Your system may keep running once it reaches the thermostat temperature, or it may not turn on at all. A commercial heating and cooling repair company can locate and repair any faulty electrical connections. This should be done sooner rather than later to prevent a complete loss of heat or AC.

Lack of Airflow

This can happen with any type of HVAC system, but it’s a relatively common problem with rooftop units since they are required to bring in a certain amount of fresh air as they come in contact with a lot of outdoor debris. If a vent becomes blocked, your HVAC system may turn off. Or, you may simply notice a lack of airflow through the building. Don’t try to handle this on your own. An experienced contractor should locate and remove the blockage.

If you notice these or other problems with your rooftop system, don’t hesitate to contact H & H. We offer HVAC service contracts, repairs, and installations throughout the Delaware Valley.