Think adding a commercial dehumidifier won’t make much difference? When excess humidity affects employees, it creates more than an uncomfortable situation. All that moisture in the air costs your business. With the simple addition of a dehumidifier to your commercial heating and air conditioning system, you can ensure optimal efficiency.

4 Reasons Installing a Commercial Dehumidifier Makes Dollars & Sense

  1. Improved comfort levels and productivity.
    Excess moisture in the air slows the evaporation of sweat, making the body feel warmer, and limiting its capacity to cool itself. Do you feel like doing much when you’re in a stuffy environment, feeling sticky and uncomfortable? Neither do your employees. This naturally leads them to slow down or turn down the thermostat, inflating your business’ energy bills as your staff seeks comfort.
  2. Reduced AC use and lower energy bills.
    Cooling your workplace makes up a large portion of your business expenses, taking the greatest toll on your bottom line during the hot, humid months of summer. Because of the high humidity levels during this time, your air conditioner must work even harder to cool air. Commercial air conditioning contractors know this places added stress on your system, reducing efficiency and performance, increasing the potential for breakdowns, and shortening HVAC system life.
  3. Healthier employees.
    Mold, mildew, fungus, dust mites, and bacteria thrive in moist environments. These microorganisms negatively impact the indoor air quality in your business and the health of your employees, causing asthma and allergy flare-ups, worsening respiratory conditions, and making workers feel unwell.
  4. Fewer thermostat adjustments.
    In their efforts to maintain comfort by cranking down the thermostat temperature in excess, office thermostat wars between your staff often result, increasing system wear-and-tear and energy expenses.

How a Dehumidifier Helps

By removing excess moisture from the air and keeping the relative humidity between the ideal levels of 30-50%, commercial dehumidification systems can help you ensure a clean, comfortable, healthy workplace. Working in conjunction with your HVAC system, commercial dehumidifiers effectively remove excess moisture from the air circulated by your ductwork.

A low-maintenance addition, a commercial dehumidifier simply requires you to program the humidistat to your desired level of humidity, similar to an AC thermostat. With proper moisture levels, your staff will feel cooler and more comfortable, and will no longer be compelled to make unnecessary thermostat adjustments that waste energy.

Boost Performance with the Help of H & H

The commercial HVAC service professionals at H & H can help you address the problematic moisture issues affecting your business, assessing your indoor air quality and offering commercial air conditioning solutions to enhance the performance of your air conditioner (and your staff). We can help you keep moisture issues in check, reducing your cooling bills and ensuring indoor comfort and employee health.

Feeling the heat? Ensure a healthier, more comfortable work environment with a dehumidifier addition from H & H Commercial Services today.