The service company you work with can make a critical impact on the performance you receive from your HVAC systems. Without access to trusted professionals around the clock, you won’t be able to rely upon your HVAC systems to perform effectively when you need them most. To help you in working with your commercial HVAC service company, we’re offering three tips in this latest post.

1. Plan Ahead

One critical aspect of achieving success in your partnership with a commercial HVAC service company is to plan ahead as part of the service. Make sure that your company is always several steps ahead in its maintenance plan. Create a foundation to the service by signing a maintenance contract that will cover you should your HVAC systems go down out of the blue. This will help prevent any downtime within the building and ensure the company responds to the service call on short notice. A long-term contract will also give your team access to round-the-clock guidance in response to questions they might have about their HVAC needs.

2. Identify On-going Challenges

It’s important that your team plays an active role in maintaining HVAC equipment. One of the reasons many companies face expensive HVAC service charges is they don’t monitor their heating and cooling systems around the clock. They wait until a problem has become exceptionally expensive to fix before addressing the issue. This can lead to significant expenses for the company further down the line. Make sure that your team responds to any issues directly. Ask them to report changes in the performance of heating and cooling systems so that a specialist can be immediately called in response.

3. Choose Responsive On-Site Team Members

In order to ensure that your company’s HVAC systems are performing to optimal capacity, it’s important to assign an on-site team member to review the system periodically. This is the person that all employees can speak to if they feel there is an issue with heating or cooling within the building. This is also the person that the repair teams can coordinate their work with, should they be required within the facility during the day. Having this person ready on-site can limit the confusion on the repair process and ensure there’s a person with responsibly for connecting directly with the repair company.

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